Ozone Products in Johannesburg

OzoPure Ozone Unit (Green Giant)

This is a multi-purpose portable ozone unit for air and water disinfection.  It kills all bacteria, viruses, pollutants, impurities in water and air and ozonated water is beneficial to cleanse and detox the colon and body.  Only R1 970 excluding delivery in South Africa.   

See http://www.online-sales.co.za/#!shop-online/cr9o/products/ozopure-ozone-generator-green-giant for more details or to order.


Ozone Pool Units

We have a large variety of ozone units for disinfecting and decontaminating pools and spas of various sizes.  Ozone is 3 000 more effective at removing viruses and bacteria from water than chlorine. See http://www.online-sales.co.za/#!shop-online/cr9o/collections/water-pool-ozone-units/1 for more details or to order.



Ozone Air Units

We have ozone units designed to disinfect and decontaminate rooms of various sizes and purify the air as well as remove bad odours.  It can be used at home, in the office, factory, warehouse and hotel rooms. 

See http://www.online-sales.co.za/#!shop-online/cr9o/collections/commercial-air-ozone-units/1 for more details or to order.   


OzoneBoy Tap Unit

This small unit fixes to any household tap and has a built-in generator to generate ozone and ozonate water as you open the tap.  Only R1 650 including delivery in South Africa.

See http://www.online-sales.co.za/#!shop-online/cr9o/products/ozoneboy-tap-unit for more details or to order.  


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Weight Loss

A serious solution for your weight loss management and health. Serving Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding area. When you know the facts, weight management is less challenging. 

Weight Loss in Johannesburg

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance and Repairs In Johannesburg, Gauteng and Surrounding Area. Get all the home repair help you need with the reliable services that are trusted by many satisfied customers. 

Home Maintenance in Johannesburg

Commercial Property

Whether you use or invest in real estate in Johannesburg, Gauteng, you can rely on our local market expertise for commercial real estate projects of virtually any size and complexity. 

Commercial Property in Johannesburg

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